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Mommy and me are financially free


Relle the Poet

Host and Organizer

"Mommy and Me Are Financially Free" is a movement brought to you by Moms for Moms. This event serves to provide resources, networking opportunities, and guidance through business coaching for mothers and children who are business owners and entrepreneurs. Our first event was a big success, focusing on mothers while also featuring young performers, vendors, and entrepreneurs.

Motherhood is tough. Being a business owner is tough. But the time for financial freedom is now. Lets take that journey together.

Self-published author, mother of twins, performance

artist, and activist, Relle the Poet teamed up with the other moms in her community to create an event that would uplift and support moms and children in business.


LaDee X


LaDee X. is a photographer, producer,  and poetess

who has built her own family company, Von Trapp Network. She is also the founder of St. Ursurlas, a non-profit

which offers wellness services to women, girls,

and female business owners within the community. 

Mommy and Me June Flyer.jpeg

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