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627 Rebirth

Relle The Poet
debut poetry album.



Check Out My Latest Video Poem -
Crazy Black Woman


In Disarray - 2nd edition

a collection of poems, short stories, and letters


A pregnant poet sits in her friend's living room wondering...what next? After recently being illegally evicted from the room she was renting in Flatbush, Brooklyn, she felt stuck. Even with a journalism degree from Brooklyn College, a position teaching poetry at a new charter school in Brownsville, about 7 years experience performing spoken word around the world, and over a decade of unpublished wasn't enough.

That poet was me.


In Disarray is my legacy. The parts of me worth sharing, both chaotic and beautiful.

Tragic, yet triumphant, In Disarray, by Jherelle Benn, left me undone. Poignant and emotive, graphic, beautiful...uncomfortable...a heart bursting with vessels and arteries, open wide." - Educator: Kathy C.

"In Disarray is a piece of work you can read over and over again and always get something new from but never get tired of." - Nurse: Shenelle T.

"I love that it's honest, pure, and digestible." - Writer: Shaunna H.

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